No matter if yours are naturally wild or have been victims of over-plucking or over waxing, perfectly shaped and groomed eyebrows are possible to achieve. So, if you’re struggling to keep your brows neat or can’t quite nail that perfect arch, it may be time to seek assistance.

Before we can even start thinking about removing unwanted eyebrow hairs, we need to decide upon the shape that you want your eyebrows to be. Having a clear vision of the final form of your brows before beginning we will help you to create the best results.


When it comes to hair removal, waxing has long been a favored technique. The method, which pulls out multiple hairs at a time, can provide a clean, neatly defined shape and long-lasting results.

It is especially ideal for anyone who has naturally thick brows and needs to remove numerous stray strands.

Both dark and lighter fluffy hairs are removed in one go, using small strips and hot wax applied with a slim spatula or an applicator with a roller ball. We will ensure that your brows are symmetrical and draw an imaginary line from the end of the nose to the inner and outer edge of the eye to use as a guide. Hair is mainly removed from in between and underneath your eyebrows. Your brows might also be trimmed from above to create a sharper outline.

The Duration WAXING Takes

Application Time Duration it Lasts
5 Mins 3 to 4 weeks